Your inheritance center.
Boost deposit retention by 25% and improve inheritor experience with no core integration.
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Preview of Ribbon's SaaS features
Preview of Ribbons SaaS, Table for client overview
The benefits of Ribbon
Retain your deposits.
Deceased accounts are a top 3 reason for deposit churn (aka the leaky bucket.) Ribbon boosts inheritance retention by 25%.
Improve experience.
  The average person works with 5 institutions when inheriting. Offer the best experience to stand out.
Lower average age.
Our tool provides digital nudges to acquire the next generation, lowering the average age of your base.
Our investors
We are proudly backed by top VC funds and angels who believe in our mission.
One Way Ventures
Haymaker Ventures
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We’ll ask some questions on what your needs are for your inheritance center.

Put together the right experience.

Customize your flow to match your deposit operations team needs.

Go live with a new digital experience

An easy set up with no core integration means you can go live fast and begin your deposit retention playbook.

Simple and easy to use
We customize a solution and you can plug it in.
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Frequently asked questions
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Do you require some integration with us?

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No! There’s no integration required, unless you require something more sophisticated. Our out of the box solution is simple to plug into your website and gives you all the software tools you need us. Contact us to hear more!

We have our own estate center services. Are we competing with yours?

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No! Your estate center services can easily be included in ours. If you offer wealth management, life insurance, or any other service, let us know. We can make sure to plug it into our estate center.

We only want help with customers that want to inherit. Can you just provide us with that?

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Yes! We can create an estate center package that’s right for you!

How much do you all cost?

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It depends on what you want! We structure an agreement based off of what you want. Our agreements are simple monthly payments, based on what package you have.

Do you offer your own estate center services?

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Yes! We can offer will creation, finding your inheritance, and other services. Contact us to learn more!

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